candidate with constituent

Combatting Covid-19

Kevin is proud to sit on the Governor’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force, and he has worked with small business owners across the district to promote the best possible response to Covid-19.

He knows that our frontline workers have risked their lives and through his work on the Task Force has been able to listen to Granite Staters’ concerns and help issue 39 separate guidances to make sure that, as we begin to re-open, we continue to value Granite State small businesses and workers.


Kevin knows that our best investments are in our children.

He is proud to have sent all three of his children through Manchester Public Schools and has worked hard to improve public schools and make college more affordable. In the State Senate, he worked to secure the largest education funding in state history in the 2020-2021 budget.

He believes in reducing the cost of college and strengthening New Hampshire’s technical schools and community colleges to ensure that young people have access to good paying jobs in New Hampshire.


Kevin will always fight to protect and expand access to quality, affordable healthcare.

In the midst of a pandemic, healthcare is more important now than ever. New Hampshire has the highest healthcare costs in the nation, and Kevin knows that we need relief now. He will always work to ensure that our working families can access high quality care at a reasonable price. 

As the community continues to battle the opioid crisis, Kevin has championed expanded access to treatment and recovery services, prevention education in schools, and working with first responders to get the training and support they need. 

candidate with constituent

Our Workers & Businesses

Kevin knows that our strength comes from protecting workers and small businesses. 

Kevin believes that working Granite Staters have been rightfully credited for helping us navigate through these unprecedented times and it is our responsibility to go beyond words of thanks and put policies in place that protect their health and families.

Appointed by the Governor, Kevin sits on the Economic Re-Opening Task Force where he has worked with community leaders, businesses and workers to open up key sectors of the economy and help people get back to work safely.

Opioid Crisis

Senator Cavanaugh supports bipartisan efforts to enhance local recovery options, strengthen prevention efforts, and expand programs that educate our children about substance misuse.

Action Steps

  • Fight for expanded access to treatment and recovery services
  • Support police in keeping drug dealers off the streets
  • Provide our first responders, EMTs, and firefighters with the resources they need.

Raising The Minimum Wage

Regardless of political party, Kevin believes we should all agree that New Hampshire is better equipped to make economic decisions that impact our workers and businesses than politicians in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, we ceded that authority in 2011 when the Legislature eliminated our state’s minimum wage.

This year, Senate President Donna Soucy championed her 7th bill to re-establish and raise New Hampshire’s minimum wage that was summarily rejected by Governor Sununu. Kevin believes that unless we overturn the Governor’s veto, hardworking Granite Staters will continue to struggle to make ends meet, and we’ll continue to lose skilled workers to higher paying jobs in our neighboring New England states.